Kenneth Hollis Remembrance Scholarship

Kenneth Hollis was an educator of “young people” for over 40 years. He worked at an inner city K-8 school in Sacramento. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, he served in the military before working hard to achieve his educational goals. He devoted his life to inspiring people to achieve greatness in their own lives. His commitment to the arts, music, and his family inspired many students of color to achieve their goals despite their economic backgrounds. He believed that education could transform a person’s mind, body, and spirit. This scholarship is established to inspire a student whose goal is to have a career in the “helping fields” to achieve their educational dreams. Criteria: 2.5 GPA; low-income; recent community service; returning to DVC or transferring to a four-year college or university; majoring in Psychology, Communications, Addiction Studies, Sociology, Teacher Education, Art, or Theater Arts; active member of Umoja program or EOPS program.