Ann and Vic Uawithya Scholarship

Diablo Valley College (DVC) played a pivotal role in making Vic’s life dreams come true. Decades ago, Vic and Ann, his wife, were struggling to get by on $5 per hour minimum wage and lived crammed into a small, rented room. Knowing that education is life changing, Vic decided to enroll at DVC San Ramon Campus while working full time. Vic’s keys to a successful future: education, determination, and hard work. As a returning adult student, Vic appreciated the opportunity to take classes and apply what he learned to the real world. He was determined to succeed and build a good life. After finishing DVC, Vic graduated with honors from CSUEB in Business and Finance. His first job was working at a law firm handling copyright infringement cases followed by AT&T and Chevron. During Vic’s final days, he wanted to give back by creating a DVC scholarship fund for adult students who are facing similar life challenges. His goal was to make a difference in the lives of others and show appreciation to DVC for the life that he was proud of. Vic is survived by his wife, Ann Uawithya, Program Coordinator at the DVC San Ramon campus. Criteria: Reentry student; 2.5 GPA; DVC continuing student.